Taking Angular Master Class to the next level

We’ve been running our Angular Master Class since a couple of months now and travelled to many different countries and cities to meet you in person and exchange our experience. If you’ve attended one of our workshops, you know that we always ask for feedback so we can improve our material and of course, also your experience as an attendee.

So far we always got very positive feedback. Our attendees are very happy and satisfied with our material, and also the way we run our workshops. Of course, this makes us very happy and we don’t want to stop here.

In our workshops we try to give a very deep understanding of what happens under the hood, whether it is Angular or Git. Sometimes however, it happens that one or the other attendee would have liked to dig even deeper into certain topics, or learn about additional topics that are not covered in our Angular Master Class per se.

Angular Master Class extended

Guess what, we listened! Today we are very happy to announce that we’ve extended our material with additional and advanced topics.

angular master class extended

Next to our existing material, we now offer enough slides and exercises for everything about Forms, the UI-Router and server communication. We also talk about migration and how you can prepare your applications for Angular 2.x today. You can find more information at our dedicated website.

And of course, that’s not enough. We’ve been frequently asked about a training on everything about testing your Angular applications. It’s on the way, so stay tuned!

You might wonder how this fits into our current schedule when running our workshop. At public events, the Angular Master Class is still a 2-day training. However, attendees can decide if they want to swap out topics to their needs so everyone gets the best experience possible.

What about in-house trainings?

Next to our public events we also do in-house trainings at companies that want to build their next application with Angular, or deepen their knowledge about the framework. With the extended material, companies have even more options to choose from when putting their package together.

If your company has very specific needs, don’t hesitate to ask!

I want Angular 2.x!

We too! Since a lot of people ask us if we also do workshops on Angular 2.x, the answer is yes! Angular 2.x is not really around the corner, but actively developed so it can be shipped as soon as possible. We’re following the development every day, contribute to the framework and write about isolated parts of it so you can already start learning.

We also want to be able to offer you a very good training experience on Angular 2.x as soon as it is stable, that’s why we are already working on material. If this is interesting to you, make sure to follow us on twitter where we regularly post updates on our trainings.

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Pascal Precht