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Exploring Angular 1.3


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Christoph Burgdorf

AngularJS Contributor and Angular Docs Author

Christoph began programming at the age of 10. He is the creator of the web framework and a contributor of the AngularJS project. Christoph is also part of the Angular Docs Authoring team.

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Thomas Burleson

Team Lead for Angular Material


Thomas was a late bloomer; programming at 24. He is a autodidact technologist with a passion for Angular, UX, and great software. Thomas is the Team Lead for Angular Material. He loves teaching, mentoring, and working with Angular developers.

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Pascal Precht

Google Developer Expert for the Angular Team

Pascal is a front-end engineer and a Angular Developer Expert nominated by Google. He created the angular-translate module, is an Angular contributor and also part of the Angular Docs Authoring team.

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