Anouncing Hanover's second Rust meetup

It’s been roughly a year ago that we organized the very first Rust meetup in Hanover. The meetup was quite a success and ever since then we’ve been asked a lot about a revival.

If you haven’t heard about Rust yet here comes a little spoiler.

From the Rust website:

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents almost all crashes*, and eliminates data races

What makes this language different from any other language is that it aims to provide memory safety without sacrificing performance. It provides modern features like pattern matching, generics, traits etc. while at the same time it’s aimed to eventually replace C/C++.

Imagine a world where system programming becomes approachable for the rest of us!

Today we are happy to announce the second Rust meetup in Hanover.

Here are the facts:

When: June 23rd 2015, 19:00
Where: Schwarzer Bär 2, 30449 Hannover


  • Christoph will give a talk about Rust
  • We will have an open discussion about all things Rust

Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior knowledge in system programming languages like C or C++. We are all beginners. That said, if you do have knowledge in system programming languages, we definitely want you to attend, too! Don’t be late, we might have Rust stickers for you :)

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Christoph Burgdorf