We are thoughtram

Hey there,

introducing Pascal Precht and Christoph Burgdorf. We are thoughtram.

Since our first mysterious announcement on twitter people have been wondering what the heck is.

more ram

Sorry, folks. No fancy dropbox competitor here. Our mission is something completely different.

We enjoy learning new stuff every day and we love teaching it to others even more. In fact, we love it so much that we started the HannoverJS meet-up years ago. From then on we began to discuss tech stuff regularly at meet-ups, conferences and in-company workshops.

The purpose of thoughtram is to create a package of training material including workshops (online and offline), webinars, screencasts and scripts with a very strong focus on quality. If you aren’t satisfied with our material, then we aren’t either. Learning new things with thoughtram should be both fun and efficient.

We will soon launch our website with a lot more information and the first workshop available for booking. But for now, if you’re interested in boosting your skills - and as someone working in tech you definitely should be - go and subscribe at for notification of the launch.

— Pascal Precht & Christoph Burgdorf

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