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Roughly three weeks ago we blogged about our upcoming events for workshops, conferences and meetups. Today we are happy to add two more conference talks to that list. Both of us are going to speak at the code.talks conference in September this year and we are very happy to join an already great lineup of speakers.

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Here are two little spoilers to give you an idea what our talks will be about.

Dependency Injection for future generations

We’ve spent the last month digging a lot through the Angular 2.x design documents and source code. In fact we already started to build an app with Angular and are contributing back to the project itself.

In this talk Pascal will share his learnings about the new dependency injection system in Angular 2.x. The talk will be held the 29th September from 16:00 to 16:45 on track 2 and that’s the abstract.

Because we think dependency injection is cool and that it makes life of all us developers a looot easier, we want to start off our talk by first understanding what dependency injection stands for and why it is such a blessing in disguise…and also because first things first. Once that is clear we can dive deeper into some existing implementations, to get a real feel of how it all works, and finish by looking at how these implementations are used inside the new Angular framework, by taking advantage of decorators using TypeScript.

Rust - Rethinking Systems Programming

Rust is a new exciting systems programming language by Mozilla and it quickly took Christoph’s heart early last year. Over the last couple of months he’s been busy creating libraries such as nickel for building web applications and clog for generating nice changelogs. In fact there’s grown quite a nice community with many active contributors around those libraries.

The talk is happening the 29th September from 13:00 to 13:45 on track 2 and that’s the abstract.

Rust is a new exciting system programming language by Mozilla, developed for fast and safe system applications. Even though the language is still in beta, you can start building stuff with it today! In fact, Christoph started the project, which aims to be a blazingly fast, easy to use web application framework for Rust to build fully featured web applications. In this session Christoph will show you why you want to learn Rust and how it can be used for real world web programming..

Make sure to find us at the conference to talk all things Angular and Rust!

Your chance to get 50% off!

We have a couple of coupon codes to give a way that will get you the conference ticket for half the price. But that’s not happening without a little fun so make sure to follow us on twitter and facebook to watch out for a little raffle.

Also make sure to checkout our events website for other interesting events to meet us.

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