Angular 2 Master Class: Jump Start

With the beta release of Angular 2 and the end of the year right around the corner, we’re happy to share some very exciting news with you. As our Angular Master Class has been a huge success in 2015, we’re about to bring a new experience to the table in 2016:

Angular 2 Master Class!

Just like the previous edition, Angular 2 Master Class is an evolving experience provided as on-site training to level up your skills in Angular 2 as efficient as possible

With “Jump Start” we want to debut and roll out our new material for the very first time to give you a nice overall picture about the next version of the framework.

Join us at the 26th January in the beautiful city of Berlin (grab your ticket here)!

Here are the facts:

26th January 2016

Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20
10969 Berlin

What’s the format, what will we learn?
Angular 2 Master Class: Jump Start is, as the name says, the start. It’s the first part of the entire Angular 2 Master Class experience and we will spend one full day building our first Angular 2 application, touching the most important parts of the framework.

We are going to learn…

  • how to bootstrap an application and display data.
  • how to create and inject services using the new Dependency Injection.
  • how to perform http calls using the revamped http layer based on observables.
  • how to implement basic routing using the new component router.
  • how to create simple forms that take advantage of two-way data binding.

After this training we’ve built an Angular 2 application covering all the learnings we gained throughout the day.

Who is this training for?
Angular 2 is in beta and most of the APIs are stable, however, things are still moving. This training is for absolute beginners as well as experienced developers coming from the AngularJS world, who can’t wait to get their feet wet with the next version of the framework.

What you will take home
As an Angular 2 Master Class attendee you’ll get life-long access to all current and future slide decks via our exclusive learning platform classroom. Same goes for all our private repositories with tons of examples, exercises and solutions.

What do we need?
To ensure we all and especially you have fun during the day, the following things are needed:

  • At least a little JavaScript and HTML experience - we’ll do TypeScript though
  • A laptop with Node/npm and Git installed - unfortunately we can’t provide machines, but you can totally work with someone (or more) in a group
  • A GitHub account - This is used to distribute our material and give you access to classroom. Not an absolute requirement, but it gives you the best experience possible.
  • Good mood!

Get your tickets

The first batch of 10 tickets (5 Early Birds, 5 Regular) is on sale right now, so better be fast because seats are limited!

We’re going to roll out more tickets over the next few weeks, if you want to stay up-to-date, make sure to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook.

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Pascal Precht