Machine Learning Jump Start - Online Course

About one and a half years ago we first started dipping our toes into the brave new world of Machine Learning. The concept of a machine figuring out how to solve problems on its own is fascinating and sticked with us. If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed that, next to thoughtram, we started our second mission to help innovate the Machine Learning space and founded a new company MachineLabs, Inc.

Our ultimate goal is it to get more people into Machine Learning. Part of this mission is to provide the community with rich tools for the job. That’s what we’ve been tirelessly working on for the past couple of months. Another part is to teach people how to get started with Machine Learning at all. Especially the latter makes a lot of sense as teaching is what we’re pretty good at.

Today we’re super excited to announce our cross-company collaboration, in which we’ll create the Machine Learning Jump Start Online Course!

Machine Learning Jump Start - Online Course

Machine Learning is already at the heart of many services of our daily use. Yet, the general perception of many developers seems to be that Machine Learning is just not for them. It’s for Phds only. It’s for Math cracks. Existing Machine Learning courses seem to feed this narrative as they mostly start with…yeah Math.

We aren’t here to bad-mouth this approach. We are here to embrace diversity and throw in a different attempt to teach Machine Learning. We want to create a new Machine Learning training experience with the following properties:

  • Beginner friendly
  • Driven by practical examples
  • Built on the MachineLabs platform (zero setup yet powerful!)
  • Knowledge builds up from higher to lower level (forget Math for a moment!)

To give you an idea, here’s the project’s teaser video!

What’s inside?

This course will take you from zero to hero by making you solve your first Machine Learning task in just 20 lines of pure Python code. After that the course dives into various topics such as:

  • Machine Learning Basics
  • Activation functions, Max Pooling and Dropouts
  • Common Keras APIs to solve your ML tasks
  • Convolutional Networks
  • Recurrent Networks
  • Reinforcement learning

… and much more!

Preorder now!

While the course isn’t yet 100 % finished, you can preorder it today and receive some exclusive benefits for early birds!

  • 70% discount compared to the regular price
  • exclusive access to the Early Access Programm starting in April 2018
  • 20 free monthly GPU hours for an entire year

Notice that we won’t charge you before the Early Access Preview begins!

The course is on sale now with a huge preorder discount! Head over to the course website and save 70% on your course!

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Christoph Burgdorf