A revamped Angular Master Class

At thoughtram, we’re constantly trying to provide the best training experience we can possibly offer. This includes things like updating the courseware to the latest Angular version, as well as adding new learning modules to the overall Angular Master Class program, so you can pick whatever topic you’re most interested in in our classes.

Today we’re super happy to announce that we’ve recreated our courseware from the ground up to integrate the brand new Angular Material library, as well as the even newer Angular Flex Layout Module!

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Why is this great?

While our courseware content has already been battle-tested since more than two (2) years and proven to be a solid and well working setup, with the latest changes you’ll benefit from the following additional features:

  • Understand how to integrate Angular Material and Angular Flex Layout into your project
  • Learn how to use Material components (like Dialogs) to build rich and accessible user interfaces
  • Take advantage of Angular Flex Layout and learn how to build dynamic and responsive application layouts

These features will from now on come built-in with the Angular Master Class experience. Not only is this an improved experience for you as a student and your learning result when you’ve taken one of our classes, it also lays the foundation for future learning modules we’re adding to the Angular Master Class, that will go more in-depth into Angular’s Material components and Flex Layout.

Cool, when can I attend a class?

Great question! As of right now we’re planning in-house trainings for Q1 2017. We’re also giving a Taming Forms in Angular training at ng-conf later this year in April, and we might plan another public training in Q1, so make sure to follow us on twitter for latest updates and news about the next trainings!

What else…? Oh right, free ng-conf ticket!

Ng-conf is already sold out and it’s almost impossible to get a ticket for the biggest Angular conference on this planet… Unless you’re reading our blog. That’s right. Somewhere on this website we’ve hidden a free ng-conf ticket. Find it, and it’s yours. Too bad! Some lucky person already found it!

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Pascal Precht