Angular Master Class Extended: ngUpgrade

by Pascal Precht on Oct 26, 2015, last updated on Oct 26, 2015
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At thoughtram, we are constantly working on making our training experience better and better. Our primary goal is to have fun with our training participants and that everyone is happy and satisfied with what they get when we work together. We’re constantly receiving great feedback. Some participants even say that with us, they’ve got the best training they’ve ever experienced, which makes us very happy. And even though, this is already great, we think we can take it even further.

Earlier this year, we were very excited to announce that we took our Angular Master Class to the next level, by listening to you and extending the program with additional topics like Forms, Server Communication, Performance, or Advanced Routing. Guess what, we didn’t stop there! At this year’s AngularConnect event, we not only were thrilled to be an official sponsor of the conference, we also had the honour to run a single-day workshop on upgrading to Angular 2 with bleeding edge content and material.

Today we’re happy to announce that upgrading to Angular 2 is now an official module of our Angular Master Class.

We wrote about everything we learned here and we updated our dedicated website. The Angular Master Class material will get an update as well, so again, everyone who already attended to one of our classes gets the update for free. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us though, as we’re already receiving new requests for in-house trainings.

Happy upgrading!

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