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by Christoph Burgdorf on May 19, 2016
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Nearly two years passed since we announced thoughtram on this blog. It’s been an amazing journey for us. We ran a lot of trainings all over the globe, we contributed to exciting projects and we met many people. Some of them even turned into close friends.

Many of these people asked us if they could join our company to work with us. So far our answer has always been “no” (we were very polite though!). We just like the idea to keep things simple and small. It gives us lots of freedom and keeps things more manageable.

Meet Thomas

Things changed slowly but steady once we met Thomas.

Picture of Thomas Burleson

You may know Thomas already from his work as the Team Lead developer on Angular Material, ngMaterial Workshops, and the Material-Adaptive solutions. He is very smart, organized and more importantly tons of fun! We had the chance to hang out, talk, laugh and work as a group of three over the last couple of months. We then explored ways of collaboration and most visibly ran one of the full-day thoughtram trainings at ng-conf together.

Today we are very happy to announce that Thomas officially joins our team to work with us. He will continue to lead the Angular Material v1.x team. And he will also work with us to help build our content, business and deliver thoughtram trainings in the US and APAC regions.

With Thomas on board you may be wondering what to expect from us in the future. Well, if you liked our work so far be sure you’ll like our future work even more. Thomas already gave us a bunch of great ideas and influenced our current training experience behind the scenes.

So far, it’s been only the two of us to run the trainings and we know many of you would like to see us coming to their company or city. This is especially true for the US where we seem to have a lot of fans.

With Thomas on board we are happy to announce that we’ll now run many more trainings in the US than ever before. You may also expect more articles and different topics to be covered on our blog as well as in our workshops.

If you like to give Thomas a warm welcome you might want to include @thomasburleson in a tweet.

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