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by Christoph Burgdorf on Feb 9, 2017
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It’s been almost one year since we announced that Thomas joins thoughtram to help us cope with the growing demand for thoughtram trainings, code reviews and consulting.

Since then it’s been a fun ride and we’ve done lots of work together in the US, Europe, Australia and even New Zealand.

People who follow us closely will notice that we deliberately take it very slowly when it comes to growing the company. That said, the demand for our trainings keeps growing at a fast pace and we get requests from literally all around the world. Our trainings stand for high quality, up to date content spiced up with a very fun and casual style of presentation.

We see it as our mission to deliver the best experience we can. In order to keep the quality of our work very high we pick the people we want to work with very carefully.

Meet Dominic

We’ve first met Dominic almost two years ago as an attendee of one of our classes on Angular 1.x. Since then, we’ve seen him growing into a very passionate and skilled member of the Angular community. He’s also tons of fun and we love hanging out with him. 🎉

People keep asking if his last name “Elm” is real or if he’s just a big fan of the Elm programming language. We think the reality is that Elm took a lot of inspiration from Dominics last name!

Picture of Dominic Elm

Over the last couple of months we’ve had the chance to closely work with Dominic and co-run trainings with him all across Europe.

Today we are very happy to announce that Dominic officially joins our team to work with us.

If you’d like to see Dominic in action go and grab your ticket either for our upcoming Angular Master Class Freiburg or for and in-depth workshop on forms at ng-conf in Salt Lake City.

More courseware, trainings and articles

We are proud to have Dominic on our team and look forward to the things we will achieve together. We’ve already kickstarted working on new courseware with Dominic to cover more and more topics for all you hungry minds out there!

Dominic will also help us to publish more articles on our blog as well as run more trainings all around the world.

You may want to give a warm welcome to him and include @elmd_ in a tweet.

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