RxJS Master Class and courseware updates

When we introduced our first workshop a few years back, we knew this was just the first step to creating a sophisticated portfolio of courseware material, that enables us to provide high-quality software training.

Ever since, we’ve added the Angular Master Class to our products and we kept improving, fine-tuning and battle-testing it over the years. We’ve extended the courseware to cover topics like state management with Redux and ngrx as well, and obviously, there’s still so much more to come.

Progressive Web Apps and Server-side Rendering

In fact, today we’re happy to let you know that our Angular Master Class now officially covers Progressive Web Apps with Angular and Server-side rendering with Angular Universal as well!

amc pwa universal

These are the missing pieces to take your Angular apps to the next level and provide a richer user experience, by making them blazingly fast. Those topics might become part of our upcoming Angular Master Class in Germany and we have a couple of seats left!

Introducing RxJS Master Class

By the title of this post, you might have guessed that this is not everything we have to share today. Many of you might have noticed that Angular embraces functional reactive programming paradigms using RxJS. We see many people struggling with this topic, which is why we decided to create a dedicated class just about that!

rxjs master class

The fun thing about this class is that you’ll build the classic video game “Snake” from scratch, using Observables and powerful operators purely with RxJS. This also means that this class is a standalone one and doesn’t go necessarily hand-in-hand with our Angular Master Class.

Also, we might plan to extend our RxJS Master Class with more features for the game so we can explore even more sophisticated scenarios with RxJS! Head over to our official website for more information.

That’s it so far from our side, if you’re interested in public or corporate in-house class, as always, feel free to reach out to us!

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Pascal Precht